Overlay plotting with svplot , by Jon F. Claerbout

"Svplot" is a plotting utility that runs interactively under Sun Microsystem's "Sunview" and allows hard and soft copy through SEP's traditional vplot utility. Svplot supports both hard copy and interactive on-screen plotting of both vector and raster information. Further, the vector and raster is handled in a coordinate-system-independent manner that should be readily transportable to further systems. Svplot provides sv_XXXX routines that mimic vplot's vp_XXXX routines except that the plot appears immediately on the Sun screeen and later, on command, in a file for vplot hardcopy. Svplot consists of a header svplot.h and four parts, a part svcoord.c for coordinate transformations, a vector library svlib.c, a raster library svras.c, and an overlay management utility svover.c.


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