Synthetic Aperture Radar: a New Application for Wave Equation Techniques , by Fabio Rocca

The techniques of downward continuation and imaging invented for seismic waves can be applied to other types of waves. In this paper, we see how this application can be made in the case of electromagnetic surveys conducted with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). The algorithms used closely follow those used for seismic waves. Differences are induced by alternate wavelengths, wave velocities, distances between sources and reflectors etc. In the case that we analyze in detail, a survey carried out using a satellite, difficulties arise from the fact that the orbit of the satellite cannot be approximated with a simple straight line if the spatial resolution of the survey is high. We determine appropriate techniques for the correction of the distortion induced by the latter and we delimit the resolution of the observed data, as seen from a satellite. Finally we show examples of the application of the technique of seismic migration to satellite data that were irradiated to earth during the short but productive life of SEASAT.


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