Elastic Inversion of Field Data , by Peter Mora

I previously proposed a nonlinear inversion algorithm based on the full two-way elastic wave equation that takes into account all the elastic wave events and obtains a maximum probability compressional and shear wave velocity model. Theoretically, the algorithm can obtain both the reflectivities and interval velocities simultaneoulsy (high- and low-wavenimber components of the velocity) so it is like a simultaneous migration and reflection tomography, Reflection amplitudes resolve the higher vertical wavenumbers, I tested the elastic inversion algorithm using a two-component field shot gather contianing primary P-P reflections and mode converted P-S reflections. High vertical wavenumbers are best resolves to the result looks like a prestack elastic migration. Its meaning is not simply reflectivity; it is P- and S-wave velocity perturbation. Also, confirming the theory, some lower vertical wavenumbers appear in the solution.


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