Applications and Comparisons of the Frequency Domain and the 45-degree Omega-Finite Difference Migration Algorithms , by Heloise Bloxsom and Rick Ottolini

To study and compare the output quality of frequency domain and 45-degree finite difference migration algorithms, two different datasets of exploration interest are examined: a "stratified earth" and a "laterally varying earth." The migration algorithms and methods are briefly reviewed. Comparisons of the stratified-earth migrations show that the constant velocity f-k and the constant velocity 45-degree monocromatic algorithm produce nearly identical results. For interpretation, the V = V(t) frequency comain or the V = V(z) 45-degree finite difference algorithms are more correct and produce sections of comparable quality. Migrations of the laterally varying earth show that V = V(x,z) algorithms must be used, and that the velocity model dramatically affects the output picture. Two current fields of research are benefitted by V = V(x,z) migration algorithms: the nature of the continental crust at depth, and the correct imaging of sediments under thrust zones.


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