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Joint inversion of simultaneous source time-lapse seismic data sets

Gboyega Ayeni, Yaxun Tang, and Biondo Biondi


We present a joint inversion method, based on iterative least-squares migration, for imaging simultaneous source time-lapse seismic data sets. Non-repeatable shot and receiver positions introduce undesirable artifacts into time-lapse seismic images. We conjecture that when data sets are acquired with several simultaneously shooting sources, additional artifacts will result from relative shot-timing non-repeatability. These artifacts can be attenuated by joint inversion of such data sets without any need for initial separation. Preconditioning with non-stationary dip filters and with temporal smoothness constraints ensures stability and geologically consistent time-lapse images. Results from a modified Marmousi 2D model show that the proposed method yields reliable time-lapse images.