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Here we fill in more details of the algorithm. After we are certain of its behavior we would naturally switch over to conjugate directions.

D(omega,x) = FT d(t,x)
iteration {
        U = FT(u)
        remove mean from U(omega)
        dU = 0
        for all x
                r(t,x) = IFT( D exp(U) )
                softclip( r )
                dU += conjg(FT(r)) * FT(softclip)        #  "*" means multiply
        remove mean from dU(omega)
        for all x
                dR = FT(r) * dU                          #  "*" means multiply
                dr = IFT(dR)
        argmin(alpha) = H(r+alpha*dr)
        u = u + alpha du