supersetf90 - Fortran 90 interface for handling sep3d datasets


A SEPlib library


Fortran 90 interface for handling sep3d datasets


the sep3df manpage - sep3d f90 structure (superset)

the init_sep3d manpage - initialize a SEP3d type

the sep3d_grab_key_vals manpage - grab header values from C structure

the sep3d_set_key_vals manpage - set header values in C structure

the sep3d_read_data manpage - read in data

the sep3d_write_data manpage - write out data

the valid_structure manpage - check if sep3d structure is valid

the sep3d_grab_headers manpage - grab headers

the sep3d_write_description manpage - write out format file info

the sep3d_add_drn manpage - add data record number

the sep3d_key_index manpage - try to find key in structure

the sep3d_axis_index manpage - try to axis key in structure

the sep3d_set_number_headers manpage - set the number of headers to store

the sep3d_grab_grid_values manpage - store a grid

the sep3d_store_grid_values manpage - store a grid

the sep3d_with_drn manpage - sets

the sep3d_ndims manpage - number of dimensions in sep3d datasets

the sep3d_rite_num_traces manpage - write number of traces in a dataset

the sep3d_reshape manpage - reshape a dataset

the sep3d_header_copy manpage - Copy the headers from one dataset to another

the sep3d_grid_copy manpage - Copy the grid

the sep3d_ge_space manpage - see if space contains another space

the sep3d_conform manpage - see if two spaces are the same size

the sep3d_section_tag manpage - section a tag

the sep3d_synch manpage - synchronize a dataset

the sep3d_copy manpage - a copy a structure and its contents

the sep3d_grab_coords manpage - Grab the coordinates

the sep3d_desection manpage - desection a tag

the sep3d_local_buffer_size manpage - Get the size of the data associated with a given window

the sep3d_distribute_data manpage - distribute a datase

the sep3d_collect_data manpage - collect a dataset

the sep3d_distribute_headers manpage - Distribute the headers

the sep3d_collect_headers manpage - Distribute the headers

the sep3d_update_ntraces manpage - Update the traces of a dataset

the sep3d_set_coords manpage - Specify the coordinates of a dataset in memory

the sep3d_set_sect_param manpage - Write a parameter to all the local sections

the sep3d_grab_sect_param manpage - Grab a parameter from all the local sections

the sep3d_own manpage - check whether I own a given index of shared axis

the sep3d_section manpage - check the section of a given index of shared axis