superset - UNDEFINED


A SEPlib library




the sep3d_grab_sep3d manpage - Grab the internal structure

the sep3d_set_sep3d manpage - Store to the internal structure

the init_sep3d_tag manpage - Initialize a structure from a tag

the init_sep3d_par manpage - Initialize a structure from parameters

the sep3d_initialize manpage - Initialize a structure

the sep3d_key_allocate manpage - Allocate keys for a structure

the sep3d_axes_allocate manpage - Allocate axes for a structure

the sep3dc_delete manpage - Delete a structure

the sep3dc_clean manpage - Clean a structure

the sep3dc_grab_headers manpage - Grab a window of the headers

the sep3dc_copy manpage - Copy the contents of one structure to another

the sep3dc_read_data manpage - Read the data assoicated with a given window

the sep3dc_write_description manpage - Write a description of the dataset

the sep3dc_write_status manpage - Set write status

the sep3dc_rite_num_traces manpage - write the number of traces

the sep3dc_ndims manpage - the last axis of length >1

the sep3dc_ge_space manpage - whether space1 contains space 2

the sep3dc_conform manpage - whether space1 and space2 conform

the sep3dc_key_index manpage - The index of a given key

the sep3dc_grab_key_vals manpage - Grab header values based on keyname

the sep3dc_set_key_vals manpage - Set header values based on keyname

the sep3dc_grab_key_vali manpage - Grab header values based on index

the sep3dc_grab_grid_values manpage - Grab grid values

the sep3dc_set_grid_values manpage - Set grid values

the sep3dc_coord_copy manpage - Copy the coordinates from one structure to another

the sep3dc_header_copy manpage - Copy the headers from one structure to another

the sep3dc_grid_copy manpage - Copy the grid from one structure to another

the sep3dc_set_number_headers manpage - Set the number of headers in memory

the sep3dc_update_ntraces manpage - Update number of traces

the sep3dc_inorder manpage - Signify that the data and headers are synched

the sep3dc_reshape manpage - Reshape a dataset

the sep3dc_desection_tag manpage - Desection a tag

the sep3dc_section_tag manpage - Section a tag

the sep3dc_collect_headers manpage - Collect headers from various secitons

the sep3dc_collect_data manpage - Collect data from various secitons

the sep3dc_local_buffer_size manpage - Local buffer size given a window

the sep3dc_distribute_headers manpage - Distribute headers to various secitons

the sep3dc_distribute_data manpage - Distribute data to various secitons