sepmath - Math functions (especially Complex C)


A SEPlib library


Math functions (especially Complex C)


the rvfft manpage - real vector fft

the cadd manpage - complex add

the cadd manpage - complex add

the cdiv manpage - complex division

the cexp manpage - complex exponent

the ciexp manpage - exponent of imaginary number

the cinv manpage - Inverse of cmplex number

the clog manpage - complex log

the cmplx manpage - create complex number

the cmult manpage - complex multiplication

the cneg manpage - negative of complex number

the conjg manpage - complex conjugate

the csmult manpage - complex multiplication

the cspow manpage - raise complex number to real power

the csqrt manpage - Complex square root

the csub manpage - subtract complex numbers

the sqroot manpage - square root