seis/model - Modeling programs


A SEPlib library


Modeling programs


the Fdmod2 manpage - Modeling programs

the Spike manpage - make delta functions and impulsive plane waves.

the Surface manpage - make surfaces

the Kirmod3d manpage - Kirchoff modeling

the Reverse manpage - Reverse time migration or two-way wave equation forward modeling

the Wavelet manpage - wavelet generation

the Aniso2d manpage - anisotropic modeling

the Iso2d manpage - Isotropic modeling

the Gauss manpage - Make gaussian anomalies

the Marine_geom3d manpage - Create marine geometries

the Scat3d manpage - Create a 3-D scatter model for Kirmod3d

the program manpage - wavelet generation

the Vel manpage - Make velocity model