seis/filter - Filtering programs


A SEPlib library


Filtering programs


the Agc manpage - Filtering programs

the Balance manpage - Perform trace balancing

the Interp manpage - Interpolate dataset using sinc, linearm or nearest neighbor

the Trcamp manpage - Calculate total energy in a tapered time window

the Energy manpage - Calculate energy in running windows

the Smooth manpage - 2-D smoothing

the Lpfilt manpage - Bandpass dataset

the Tpow manpage - scales on the time axis

the Filter manpage - filter a dataset

the Ft3d manpage - incore Fourier tranform

the Halfint manpage - half order integeral filter

the Median manpage - median filter

the Noise manpage - Add or create noise

the Spectra manpage - Calculate spectrum

the Scale manpage - compute clip on a dataset and apply it if requested

the Edit manpage - patching driver

the Fx2d manpage - 2D FX decon

the Envelope manpage - calculate signal amplitude

the Mute manpage - Mute a SEP77 dataset

the Cfft manpage - complex fft

the Dip manpage - Calculate dip