SEPlib - SEP programs and libraries


SEPlib utilities and libaries


If your wanting to know more about SEPlib programs or library functions follow the following links/ view the following man pages


the tools manpage - Useful tools that we use when programing

the converters manpage - Programs that convert to and from seplib types

the seis_filter manpage - Filtering programs

the seis_velan manpage - Programs that deal with velocity

the seis_image manpage - Imaging programs

the seis_model manpage - Modeling programs

the seis_travel manpage - Travel time and rays programs

the sep_graphics manpage - SEPlib Plotting programs

the util_cube manpage - Programs that take advantage of the SEP hypercube

the util_headers manpage - Programs that work on SEP3d headers

the util_info manpage - Programs that provide info about SEP datasets

the util_unix manpage - Programs that perform unix-like operations

the util_vector manpage - Programs that do vector operations on SEP datasets

the graphics_vplot manpage - Generic Vplot

the interact manpage - Interactive SEPlib programs


the sep manpage - SEPlib Base Library

the geef90 manpage - Fortran 90 GEE Operator Library

the sep3d manpage - Seplib base libary

the sepsu manpage - Functions that allow Seplib and Su to interface

the superset manpage - UNDEFINED

the supersetf90 manpage - Fortran 90 interface for handling sep3d datasets

the sepfilterf90 manpage - Fortran90 Functions that deal with filtering

the sepfilter manpage - Functions that deal with filtering

the septravel manpage - Functions that calculate traveltimes

the sepvelanf90 manpage - F90 fFunctions that deal with velocity

the sepvelanf manpage - F77 functions that deal with velocity

the sepweif90 manpage - A library for performing wave equation migration

the sepfft manpage - Functions that do FFTs

the sepmath manpage - Math functions (especially Complex C)

the sepaux manpage - Useful functions that don't fit anywher else

the sepauxf90 manpage - Useful F90 functions that don't fit anywher else