geef90 - Fortran 90 GEE Operator Library


A SEPlib library


Fortran 90 GEE Operator Library


the autocorr manpage - compute a filter auto-correlation

the bound manpage - find the boundaries of a filter on given map

the box manpage - filter to hypercube

the cartesian manpage - convert to and from cartesian

the cgmeth manpage - conjugate gradient method

the cgstep manpage - one step of conjugate gradient step

the compress manpage - compress a helix filter

the conjgrad manpage - one step of conjugate gradient

the conv manpage - convolve helix filters

the createhelix manpage - create a helix filter

the createmshelix manpage - create a multi-scale helix filter

the createnhelix manpage - create non stationary helix filter

the cross_wilson manpage - wilson factorization of cross-correlation

the dottest manpage - Perform a dot product test on an operator

the helix manpage - module containing allocate and deallocate of a helix filter

the helixcartmod manpage - convert to and from cartesian/helix space

the invint2 manpage - Inverse linear interpolation;

the irls manpage - weighting functions

the lapfac manpage - factor a 2-D Laplacian

the lopef manpage - estimate pef in patches

the misinput manpage - find a mask of missing filter inputs

the nbound manpage - find the boundaries of a multi scale filter on given map

the nhelix manpage - module containing allocate and deallocate of a nhelix filter

the nmis2 manpage - Fill in missing data using non-stationary filter

the npef manpage - find non stationary prediction error filter

the pef manpage - find prediction error filter

the pefest manpage - find prediction error filter, avoid bursty noise

the quantile manpage - find data quantile

the regrid manpage - convert a helix filter from one data space to another

the steepdip manpage - Find steep dip decon filter

the steering manpage - 2-D steering filters

the wilson manpage - wilson's factorization

the adj_mod manpage - Simple adjnull function

the ddot manpage - calculate double precission dot product

the solver_prec manpage - iteratively solve preconditioned system of equation

the solver_reg manpage - iteratively solve regularized system of equation

the solver manpage - solve system of equation

the lsqr manpage - solve system of using lsqr method

the nonlin_solver manpage - generic non-linear solver program

the chain manpage - create a chain of 2,3, or 4 operators

the array manpage - create an array operator

the binpull1 manpage - nearest neighbor interpolation

the binpull2 manpage - nearest neighbor interpolation, 2D

the helicon manpage - convolution using helix filters

the causint manpage - Causal integration

the cdoubint manpage - Double causal integration

the cdstep manpage - on step of conjugate direction

the matmult manpage - matrix multiplication

the patch manpage - extract and put back patches

the gauss manpage - solve system by gaussian elimination

the polydiv manpage - polynomial division

the fold manpage - fold the ends inside

the igrad2 manpage - 2D gradient operator

the hconest manpage - convolution using helix filters, adjoint is filter

the helderiv manpage - helix derivative filter

the heliarr manpage - two helix convolutions

the igrad1 manpage - 1D gradient operator

the lint1 manpage - linear 1D interpolation

the lint2 manpage - 2-D linear interpolation

the mshconest manpage - convolution using multi-scale helix filters, adjoint is filter

the mshelicon manpage - convolution using mutli scale helix filters

the nhconest manpage - non stationary convolution using helix filters, adjoint is filter

the nhelicon manpage - non stationary convolution

the npolydiv manpage - non stationary polynomial division

the partan manpage - partan step

the refine2 manpage - refine mesh

the signoi manpage - signal and noise separation

the triangle manpage - triangle smoothing

the triangle1 manpage - triangle smoothing

the triangle2 manpage - triangle smoothing

the weight manpage - simple weighting operator