Reproducible electronic documents

Matt Schwab and Jon Claerbout

SEP's Reproducible Electronic Documents transfer technology developed by its researchers to fellow scientists in a highly reusable fashion. A Reproducible Electronic Document contains a collection of files and a command generator make (UNIX). For any document the command "make burn" removes the document's results and the command "make build" regenerates them from the files contained in the document.

Universal rules for reproducible documents

SEP-specific rules for reproducible documents

Archive of Reproducible Electronic Documents

Following reproducible documents have been equipped with GNU make rules: Schwab tested all of these documents and the reproducibility rules by removing and rebuilding all the documents' figures (276) on three different computers, IBM, HP, and SUN.

Since 1992 SEP produced reproducible documents using the make dialect cake:

Related pointers and topics

In the future we want to deliver reproducible research on the World Wide Web:

Reproducible research elsewhere

If you create reproducible, electronic research documents, please let us know and we will point to your web page.